Custom-made Production

  • Different kinds of the cosmetic products: emulsions - creams, milks, spray's emulsions, gels, solutions
  • Producing other kinds of cosmetics in cooperation (for example: pressure packing, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Filling the products to different types of packaging: plastic tubes, metal tubes, bottles, jars and individual wrapping (e.g. printing paper boxes), packing, wrapping in the cardboard boxes.
  • Production of small as well as medium runs (minimum number of pieces is not limited, usually it is about hundred up to thousand pieces)
  • Consulting and arranging appropriate packaging.
  • Development of formulations according to costumers´ requests with recommendation of suitable natural plant active raw materials (or using of costumers´ formulations).
  • Arrangements of completed producing documentation according to European legislation.
  • We have experiences with production of wide range of the cosmetic products including other special kinds of the cosmetics: face creams and milks, gels´ and minerals´ masks, cleaners, tonics, acne cosmetics, preparations for foot care, sun-tan preparations, solarium preparations, shampoos, shower gels, styling gels, cosmetics products for children, sensitive-skin preparations and veterinary cosmetics.

We produce cosmetic products in compliance whith the standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/CD 22716 Cosmetics - GMP - Guideline on Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP.


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